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There are 4 industrial enterprises in the Krupki region:

  • Co. Ltd. “Amkodor-Mozha”
  • An open joint stock company “Krupki flax mill”
  • An open joint stock company “Turshovka”
  • “Krupki woodworking plant”

The total industrial staff reaches 1527 people.

The economy of the region has agricultural tendency (stock farming, pig farming, chicken farming, dairy farming, crop production).

Today the agricultural complex of Krupki region consists of 21 agricultural enterprises:

  • 1 municipal unitary company “Kventino”;
  • 2 state enterprises (the experimental base ‘ESSA”, which is specialized in potato growing and “Uhvala”);
  • 9 open joint stock companies (“Klenovichi”, Krupki raiagroservice”, “Maiskoye Agro”, “Schavry”, “Zhuravy”, “Kholopenichi”, “Staroselskoye”, “Rotan”);
  • 1 close joint stock company “Khotuhovo” which is specialized in pig farming;
  • 11 farms.
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